Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign

Miscellaneous Press is excited to be launching our first ever crowdfunding campaign! More details are below.

What is this new book?

It is called On the Many Shapes Bodies Will Take and is a poetry collection. It will be a companion title to our previous title Crying in the Car: Reflections on Life and Motherhood.

Why Crowdfunding?

For several reasons. It will work as a pre-ordering tool, but also look towards the future. If the project goes beyond its minimum threshold, additional money will go towards paying contributing writers for a future project.

Please spread the word!

Share, share, share! Here is the pledge page. Use the full URL or its shortened version: bit.ly/poziblemp

The hashtag is #poziblemp

Bibliographic details:
On the Many Shapes Bodies Will Take by Karen Andrews
Publisher: Miscellaneous Press
RRP: $19.99
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9953506-0-1
Distributor: Dennis Jones & Associates

Download the media release here.

Thank you for your support. The campaign will conclude on September 16th.


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