Surprise! to be distributed by Dennis Jones & Associates

I am pleased to report that Dennis Jones & Associates has offered Miscellaneous Press book distribution for Surprise! in Australia and New Zealand.
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Karen Andrews at the Melbourne Writers Festival

Below is the video taken at the Melbourne Writers festival on the 31st August.

The first video is primarily concerned with writing and blogging – and how the two converge. The second video talks specifically about Surprise!

I hope you enjoy!
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Author to conduct blogging workshop

Here are the details:

“Personal blogging can help a writer in many ways: practice your craft, increase your public profile and gain general confidence. Karen’s workshop will cover all these aspects for those who are beginning their blogging journey or those already involved who wish to meet and discuss this increasingly popular activity.” [Read more…]

Author to appear at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival

The details are below: 

15 Minutes of Fame – in conjunction with the Emerging Writers’ Festival the MWF presents a short interview, reading and Q&A with one of the city’s newest literary talents. Hosted by EWF Director David Ryding.

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Updates from the week dating 24th May – 31st May 2008

First, I’ve created a new page on the right sidebar called Events and Appearances for those of you interested in finding out the latest on where you may find me gab about myself and writing.

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Welcome and thank you

Welcome to Miscellaneous Press, the home of Surprise! Perhaps there will be other books in the future, but let’s just take it one step at a time, shall we?
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Surprise! book cover revealed and explained!

If I may draw your attention over to the side?

As part of Miscellaneous Press’ launch today, I am very proud to unveil Surprise!‘s front cover.
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